Electric Lawn Mowers

Highlighting The Benefits Of Electric Lawnmowers

It’s very interesting how the lawnmowing community has pretty much come full circle.

In the early days of “lawnmower technology”, the manual lawnmower reigned supreme. After that, electronic lawnmowers were introduced into the market and shortly thereafter gasoline powered lawnmowers took command of the marketplace in a way that few people would’ve expected at first.

Today, gasoline powered lawnmowers are far and away the most common kind of lawnmower out in use, but that’s starting to shift and change once again. Individuals are starting to recognize the disastrous impact that gasoline powered lawnmowers have on our environment, are sick and tired of having to clean and maintain – not to mention repair – gasoline lawnmowers when they fall apart, and are looking for something a lot less expensive to own and operate.

It doesn’t hurt that electric lawnmowers are so quiet compared to gasoline lawnmowers, either!

With a gasoline mower spewing 87 pounds of greenhouse gas CO2 and 54 pounds of other pollutants every year, and with more than 17 million gallons of gas each spilled refueling lawn and garden equipment, the adaptation of electric mowers on a wide scale is rapidly increasing.

More and more people are getting into electric lawnmowers and electric garden tools in general, and it’s easy to see why once you really begin to understand the major benefits and advantages that electric tools have to offer compared to their gasoline based brethren.

If you’re thinking about making the switch but haven’t really committed one way or another yet, check out the major advantages offered by electric lawnmowers today. Don’t be surprised if you decide to make the switch shortly afterwards!

Electric mowers cost a lot less to own, operate, and maintain

One of the biggest advantages – if not THE biggest advantages – that electric mowers have over the rest of the competition is the fact that they help homeowners and business owners save a lot of money on operation and maintenance costs.

While electric mowers (those worth owning, anyway) almost always cost at least as much as traditional lawnmowers, when it comes to maintenance, operating costs, and especially repair costs electric mowers come out ahead significantly. You’ll save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by making the switch to electricity over the lifetime of your lawnmower.

You reduce carbon emissions and pollutants dramatically

Mowing with a traditional gasoline powered lawnmower for a single hour produces the same amount of pollutants and carbon emissions as if you had driven a car for 50 miles, which is nowhere near an insignificant amount of damage that we are all doing to the environment.

By switching to an electric mower you are dramatically reducing your carbon footprint, dramatically reducing the amount of pollutants you are replacing, and dramatically lessening the negative impact that you have on our ozone and our environment in general.

You cut down big time on noise pollution

Gas mowers are incredibly loud, so much so that any time anyone in our neighborhood fires one of everyone else knows that they are out cutting their grass – even if they are all the way down the street or even a couple of streets over!

This kind of noise pollution can contribute negatively to the overall community, but it’s also going to damage your own hearing when you are using your mower on a regular basis. Combine that with the overall negative affect of multiple gasoline powered mowers operating all at the same time and you’re really looking at something devastating.

Electric mowers may not be silent, but they are about as close to silent operating as you are ever going to get in a lawn and garden tool. You’ll cut down dramatically on noise pollution, will save your hearing, and won’t have to wear gigantic earplugs or crank your music to 11 just an effort of drowning out the noise your lawnmower was making in the past.

Closing thoughts

At the end of day, your lawnmower choices going to have a huge impact on not just the way your home looks or your neighborhood looks but the way that you respect the environment and your own hearing. Make the smart choice and take advantage of everything that electric mowers have to offer ASAP. It’s a choice you won’t regret.

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